A match made in Heaven: Yamaha MT-10

For a couple of years, I drove a Kawasaki Z750 which was manufactured in 2008. Since last year I was looking for a new bike which just has some more ‘epics’ and more comfort as well. During the last year I have been searching the internet for the perfect model and every time the MT-xx series of Yamaha came across. So, there was no doubt anymore, my new bike will be a Yamaha MT-xx. But which one? MT-07, MT-09 or the MT-10.

Since the beginning the MT-10 had the best looks compared to the smaller brothers of this fella. But it also had the most horsepower of them all, the MT-10 is a real powerhouse. I was afraid this bike might be too much?!?! After some digging about all the options it had: Traction Control, different drive modes, quick shifter, ABS and so on it became clear to me that this is what I was looking for now. It had everything I need on a bike, so I planned a test ride on it. After a couple of KMs driving on this bike I was in love already. Decision made!! The MT-10 is my new bike. The only side note I can mention about the bike is the fuel tank range. I only was able to get 170 KM out of the 17-liter tank because of the 1000cc engine it’s a very fuel consuming monster. I must admit the throttle was far opened quite a lot!!! But fun is guaranteed!!!

Here come specs and pics 🙂

Engine size 998cc
Engine type liquid cooled, 16v, inline four-cylider
Frame type Cast aluminium beam
Fuel capacity 17 litres
Seat height 825mm
Bike weight 210kg
Front suspension 43mm Ohlins semi-active
Rear suspension Single ohlins shock semi-active
Front brake 2 x320mm discs, four-piston radial calipers, ABS
Rear brake 220mm disc, single piston caliper, ABS
Front tyre size 120/70×17
Rear tyre size 190/55×17
Max power 160 bhp
Max torque 81.87 ft-lb
Top speed 240 kmh
1/4-mile acceleration
Average fuel consumption 42 mpg
Tank range 240 km (while driving as a grandpa!)




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