Reunited with the Orange Glasses Family

Not so long ago I blogged about a job change, moving from ITQ to AnyLinQ. And it’s happening again! Although now, I heading back to my former employer ITQ Consultancy based in the Benelux.

As mentioned in the blog I wrote back in March, earlier this year. The main reason to leave ITQ was not that there was something wrong with ITQ, or something that I didn’t like that much that I wanted to resign. No, on the contrary, ITQ has been and still is the most amazing company I have ever worked for and it feels like a family. That’s why the decision to go back is so easy for me to make.

So why do I go back then? What happened? The biggest challenge within my new role at AnyLinQ was the responsibility to build and shape their new internal VMware proposition to do projects totally in a different way than they were used to. Although the beginning of my journey at AnyLinQ in regards to that responsibility was very satisfying and it really felt like we were moving forward, and fast. During the summer this was kinda changing. A lot changed within the company on the management layer; roles were redefined, and due to that there came a lot of uncertainty within the company also in regards to the plan of the set up this dedicated VMware Business Unit. In the months from July until November, nothing really changed and I initiated a lot of internal conversations which was leading to a decreased confidence that the company is really ready as a whole to go with me on this journey.

That’s the exact reason why I choose to leave AnyLinQ again, I don’t feel the commitment internally for getting things done in a way I feel comfortable with.

Back in September, when I passed my VCDX-NV certification it came clear again, what an amazing company ITQ is with a bunch of lovely people. After I passed, the messages from former co-workers of ITQ kept coming and coming. That really says something about the mentality and atmosphere within the company.

Therefore I am really happy to announce that I will be reunited with the Orange Glasses as of the 1st of January 2021.

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