Issue with replacing certificate for a new Load Balanced PSC setup (vSphere 6.5 & NSX 6.4)

Last week I ran into an issue while I was configuring a Load Balanced Platform Service Controller setup. My initial configuration was as follows: VCSA01 is pointed to the PSC01, and the VCSA02 is pointed to the PSC02 (within the same SSO domain). My goal was to load balance my existing Platform Service Controllers via a VIP on a NSX Load Balancer for the two vCenters and one NSX Manager (Connected to VCSA01).

NSX-V: Create Logical Switches, Distributed Firewall Sections and Rules based on existing portgroup/vlans

In my previous blog post I wrote about how to automate the Enable MAC learning function on a VMware NSX Logical Switch via Powershell/PowerNSX. In this post I referred to a script which I used to export the configuration of the portgroup/vlans that where currently existing in the environment. I’m writing this blogpost, to share the script because someone might have a use case for it (more…)

Automate ‘Enable MAC Learning’ on Logical Switch with PowerNSX

I was working on a project at a customer where we needed to create Logical Switches, DFW rules and sections based upon all the current portgroups of all the environments. Because we are talking about +/- 400 logical switches which need to be created, this is not a job that you want to do via the vSphere Web Client. Therefore I created a script which exported all the current portgoup names and vlan configurations to CSV file. This CSV file is used to import all the stuff.


Configure ESG sub interface with PowerNSX

For study purposes (VCAP-NV) i was trying to set-up an L2 VPN connection  between an ESG in my home lab and a ESG that was running on a dedicated ESXi host in a datacenter.

When i tried to configure the sub interface  of the ESG (which you need to do on both sides) i was getting an unfortunate GUI error. Adding the interface itself with a name, tunnelID and Connected to network was not a problem. But when i tried to setup the primary ip address i was getting this weird error: