NTP Compliancy: disable NTP sync with host completely (PowerCLI)

Last week I was identifying a root cause for a P1 outage my customer had suffered from. This customer has a business-critical application running 24/7 which is very important for all activities within the company. They had suffered an outage for at least three times last month, and therefore they requested my employer ITQ to perform a health check including a root cause analysis for the latest P1 incidents.


NSX-V: Create Logical Switches, Distributed Firewall Sections and Rules based on existing portgroup/vlans

In my previous blog post I wrote about how to automate the Enable MAC learning function on a VMware NSX Logical Switch via Powershell/PowerNSX. In this post I referred to a script which I used to export the configuration of the portgroup/vlans that where currently existing in the environment. I’m writing this blogpost, to share the script because someone might have a use case for it (more…)

Automate ‘Enable MAC Learning’ on Logical Switch with PowerNSX

I was working on a project at a customer where we needed to create Logical Switches, DFW rules and sections based upon all the current portgroups of all the environments. Because we are talking about +/- 400 logical switches which need to be created, this is not a job that you want to do via the vSphere Web Client. Therefore I created a script which exported all the current portgoup names and vlan configurations to CSV file. This CSV file is used to import all the stuff.


Automate ESXi host provisioning

My last blog post was about automation of adding VMkernel adapters in a specific TCP/IP netstack. As I already mentioned in that post I was working on a script that will automate the whole process  of adding a host in vCenter, configure all the necessary stuff and bring it up to date with the configured VUM baseline(s).

The script itself containts PowerCLI commands and esxcli (v2) commands via the PowerCLI module. I tested this script successfully with the following versions: