Enable Jumbo Frames on Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway (USG)

Everyone who owns an Unifi product is familiar with SDN controller, the UI and how to configure it. When you need Jumbo Frames or MTU sizes above the default of 1500 you need to adjust your configuration. On the Unifi Switches this can easily be done from the controller UI itself.  As you can see in the screenshot below (from my own Unifi SDN Controller), you only have to do one-click in order to enable it on the switch. This can be done on all the switches.


Creating an LACP LAG on a Ubiquiti UniFi switch for Synology NAS

Currently, I am moving my in-house lab to my garage. I installed a cabinet in the garage, bought a new Ubiquiti 24 ports switch which functions as a layer 2 switch inside of the cabinet.

My Synology is now connected to a LAG interface on my 16 Ports Layer 3 switch. Since I’m planning to move all of my hardware to my cabinet in the garage I also need to move the Synology, connect it to the UniFi switch and create a LAG again.