Automate NSX with Powershell without using the PowerNSX module

Currently, I’m working on a migration project where we are migrating VMs from a non-NSX legacy environment to a brand new NSX-enabled infrastructure. During the migration, I needed to apply NSX Security Tags in the destination environment. The tags needed to be applied based on the environment type e.g. Production and Development. And  I thought; Yeah! PowerNSX is going to make my life more easier now.


Ubiquiti devices disconnected

Today I had an unfortunate power outage at my home, therefore my lab was shutdown inadvertently. After powering up my systems again some Ubiquiti devices which were registered with my Unifi Controller had the disconnected status, even though I was able to ping them. After some reboots, and re-adoptions I didn’t get them online.  (more…)

Find and remove duplicate vCenter instances registered with your PSC

Duplicate vCenter Instances registered with your Platform Services Controller can occur when you re-deploy a vCenter with the same name or in the same database. Duplicate vCenter instances can exist after a faulty certificate replacement as well.

Apart from the annoying ‘Can’t connect to vcenter.fqdn/sdk message, some features are relying on properly configured vCenters within your SSO domain. You can get issues with your License Manager or with tools like vSphere Replication.

To recover from such a situation please follow these steps: