Find and remove duplicate vCenter instances registered with your PSC

Duplicate vCenter Instances registered with your Platform Services Controller can occur when you re-deploy a vCenter with the same name or in the same database. Duplicate vCenter instances can exist after a faulty certificate replacement as well.

Apart from the annoying ‘Can’t connect to vcenter.fqdn/sdk message, some features are relying on properly configured vCenters within your SSO domain. You can get issues with your License Manager or with tools like vSphere Replication.

To recover from such a situation please follow these steps:

* The following steps are for the Appliance-Based vCenter and Platform Services Controllers. And tested on 6.5 U1

  1. Connect to the Platform Services Controller using SSH.
  2. Enable the shell by typing the ‘shell’ command.
  3. Create a text file with a list of the services registered within the Platform Services Controller,  by running this command:
    /usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/ list –url http://localhost:7080/lookupservice/sdk –type vcenterserver > /tmp/psc_vcenter_instances.txt
  4. Open the generated text file to find a list of services registered to the Platform Services Controller, by running this command: cat /tmp/psc_vcenter_instances.txt’In the text file, you see output similar to:Name:
    Service Product: com.vmware.cis
    Service Type: vcenterserver
    Service ID: 
    Site ID: home
    Node ID: d3eba55a-d4df-11e4-b3f7-000c2987c143
    Owner ID: vpxd-2752b8d1-e68b-49f8-8c92-ce3f042bf487@vsphere.local
    Version: 6.0
    Type: com.vmware.cis.workflow
    Protocol: vmomi
    URL: http://vcsa2.domain.local:8088

    Your duplicate vCenter should be in here.
  5. To unregister the duplicate instance, run this command:/usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/ unregister –url http://localhost:7080/lookupservice/sdk –id Refer to the RED output from the previous step’ –user ‘administrator@vsphere.local‘ –password administrator_password –no-check-cert


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