Achievement Unlocked! VCIX-NV

Last week (thursday to be precise) I took the VCAP-NV exam and did pass on first try. And to be honest it was actually my first VCAP exam in my career until now. I started working with VMware NSX probably somewhere in the beginning of this year, and had a clear goal; becoming VCIX-NV.
Now, since there is no VCAP-NV Design exam yet you will be come a VCIX-NV only by passing this one exam.

First step was to become VCP-NV certified which I achieved on VMworld Europe (September) this year. And only 2 months later, and a lot of hours spend on learning and practicing in my ‘Home Lab Environment ‘ I’m allowed to call myself a VCIX-NV =D.
It took quite some time, not only during work hours. But it was definitely worth it!

The exam itself was okay, the difficulty of the questions varies from quite easy ones to more challenging and lengthy ones. I only had a problem with the API client (Postman) during my exam. I was not able to get it working. And this was very unfortunate since configure syslog via API on NSX Controllers are very easy points to score on the VCAP-NV exam. Luckily I scored enough points on the other topics to pass!

Next goal: VCIX-DCV!



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